Key to mobile life

HUAWEI ID is in the center of everything – it’s conveniently linked to all our applications so users can access everything with just one tap.


Home of your memories

No matter what day or year your memories were taken, they are securely kept in HUAWEI Mobile Cloud. It enables users to backup and restore their data and phone settings wirelessly, synchronize and transfer data across HUAWEI mobile devices, as well as store and access files safely using Cloud Drive.


Selected apps for better life

HUAWEI AppGallery features a four-layer detection mechanism to ensure all featured apps are safe to download and use, and offers exclusive benefits by providing AppGallery gifts. Explore a better life by feeding your passions, learning and having fun with our selected Apps.


Experience your vision

With HUAWEI Video, your screen will become the window to the world. Let’s start the high definition journey with immersive and diverse content such as TV series, films and documentaries. Just sit back and stream endless entertainment with us!

*Huawei Video is currently available only in Italy and Spain.


Art in your pocket

Tens of thousands of stylish themes, fonts and wallpapers available for you to create a personalized look for your phone. HUAWEI Themes gives you a stunning gallery of art and design in your pocket, to customize your phone to suit your mood anytime, anywhere.


Unlock the surprise

Enjoy delicate wallpapers every time you light up your screen. Go with HUAWEI ScreenMagazine, instantly meet your personal art gallery and explore the world with your fingertips.


Reshaping Connections

* More devices will have HUAWEI Browser available with coming EMUI 9.1 updates.

HUAWEI Browser brings a clean and smooth web browsing experience – right out-of-the-box. Maximize your mobile data with effective tools, use private browsing mode to leave no traces while you browse, enjoy battery saving “Night mode” on your device and much more. HUAWEI Browser is available for all HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones supporting EMUI 9.0 and above*. Start your new online journey with HUAWEI Browser, and Reshape your Connections.

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