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Clash of Kings Play & Win


Get your sword ready – it´s time to play some Clash of Kings! Download the game from AppGallery, participate our lucky draw and you could win a Huawei P30 Pro (value 999€)!

Nitro Nation:

Calling adrenaline junkies! It’s time to put the pedal to the metal with NitroNation. Download from AppGallery today and unlock your free, exclusive in-game gift: the awesome Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Apps of the Month:
Cut Cut

If you love taking and sharing photos, Cut Cut is the best cut out and professional photo editor, with backgrounds, filters, and stickers for free downloading, editing and sharing. Download Now! The Best Photo Editing App Only for You. Edit, Share and Enjoy Your Life!

Survival Heroes
+ Gift

Jump in today and play one of the hottest and most highly rated new action games. If you love thrilling battles, this MOBA Battle Royale cross over is the game for you. Survival Heroes has launched in AppGallery with exclusive Gifts for Huawei users.

Legacy of Discord:
Play & Win prize draw

Download and play Legacy of Discord today from AppGallery and collect your in-game Gift Package worth EUR 44, exclusive for Huawei and Honor users. Download and play Legacy of Discord this week (April 11th – 17th) for a chance to win amazing prizes including the latest flagship phones and bluetooth game controllers.

Nitro Nation: shifting gears

Need some adrenaline boost? For those who want to live life with more than 200km/h, #NitroNation is the answer. Download this game today from #Huawei #AppGallery and you will get a exclusive in-game gift: Free #Chevrolet #Camaro Z28. When you make an in-game purchase in Nitro Nation worth EUR 4.99 (or higher) you will receive EUR 5 Huawei Points in return.

Fortnite & Honor:
View 20 Exclusive

Fortnite is now available to download from AppGallery! Play the hottest mobile game on the planet, powered by GPU Turbo for the Ultimate Gaming Experience. Honor View 20 owners can unlock an exclusive Honor Guard outfit (go to for instructions)! #Honor #Fortnite #HonorView20 #GuardSkin #AppGallery

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