AppGallery VIP Reward Programme

Registration Page

Congratulations! You have been invited to join the AppGallery VIP Reward Programme. Please kindly complete the information below and click submit. You will be able to enjoy the VIP benefit following successful registration.

Please make sure your HUAWEI ID is valid and within the VIP Reward Programme territory. You can check the Programme territory in the Terms & Conditions.

Huawei’s VIP programme provides various benefits for its members, including but not limited to monthly 15% HUAWEI Point cashback rewards on your monthly spending in games in one single country!

Kindly be reminded that you need to register before midnight on the 20th day of a given month in order to qualify for the reward in that month and the following months. Only 1 registration is required, uppon success registration, you will be able to recieve the reward points onwards as long as your monthly consumption reach the reward requirements.

Example 1: Example 2: 00490000000
If you do not want us to communicate with your using your HUAWEI ID account contact information, please add here preferred email address and phone number