Huawei AppGallery Beta is now available!

Download AppGallery Beta Here!

Huawei AppGallery will launch globally in 2018. We are now looking for Beta testers, who can give feedback & suggestions for our development team.

Beta sign-up is super easy:

  1. Download our AppGallery beta here HERE
  2. Install it to your phone (Click Downloads > AppGallery.apk)
  3. Test the app and give feedback with our online survey

This survey is used to collect feedback and help us to further develop the Huawei AppGallery -service. Estimated time for the survey is 5 minutes. Huawei will raffle Gift vouchers (Value 50€) amongst all of the responses. Your input is very much appreciated!
The survey responses will only be used by Huawei to develop our products and services.

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