1. Why my Huawei Assistant’s news feed language is different from the system setting language?


    Version 20.1.x.xxx:

    Determine the news request site based on the account service location, SIM card and network connection priority.

    News’ country code priority: Account service location > SIM card location > Network connection (empty).

    Displaying news’ CP and language based on the country code and system language. If the country does not have news CP that supports the system language, it will display the country’s back language.

    1. Why my Chinese model phone purchased in China which made an update on Huawei Assistant international that no longer works?


    International Huawei Assistant is not available with Chinese model phone purchased in China, please perform operations as Pop-up window’s description.

    1. Why does my international mode phone be white screen after installing Huawei Assistant?


    The Chinese version Huawei Assistant can’t be used in overseas. International Huawei Assistant version must be later on 18.X.X. Currently Huawei Assistant in AppGallery can be available with international phones in EMUI 10.0 or later version. We will support earlier than EMUI 10.0 in the future.

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