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Professional customer assistance services for Huawei devices

Find a local service center and get online support for your device.

Huawei HiCare is a Customer Service Center in your pocket. It´s an mobile application that is pre-installed on Huawei and Honor devices (EMUI 4.1 and above) and also available on Google Play.

Find a local service center, make use of the first-class sale service, get online support for hardware and software matters and download software updates.


Main features:

  • Professional customer service 24/7
  • Preinstalled on new Huawei & Honor devices (EMUI 4.1 and above)
  • VIP services for new device owners*
    • 3 years warranty (2+1)
    • 3 months Screen Guarantee
    • 3 months Product Replacement

*VIP services are available: P9, P9 Plus, Honor 8, Mate 9, Mate 9 Pro.

What is HiCare?

 HiCare is an app that provides you with professional customer service and assistance for your Huawei device.

What are the benefits of using the HiCare app?

1.     Service centres: Search for contact details of your local service centres and working hours.

2.     Warranty policy: Search for Huawei’s after-sales warranty policy in your region.

3.     Manuals: View the user manual for your device with comprehensive function descriptions.

4.     Forum: Communicate with other local phone users about a wide range of topics.

5.     Feedback: Send your feedback on Huawei customer service via email.

6.     Online support: Receive support for software and hardware issues, with optional on-site installation.

Comprehensive software update and upgrade support packages are also available to ensure system performance and optimisation.

Download the HiCare app on the Google Play Store

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