Art in your pocket

Tens of thousands of stylish themes, fonts and wallpapers available for you to create a personalized look for your phone.

HUAWEI Themes gives you a stunning gallery of art and design in your pocket, to customize your phone to suit your mood anytime, anywhere.

How to get started

Step 1: Open your “Theme” app

Step 2: View and search your favorite Theme

Step 3: Download and Apply the Theme

Step 4: Enjoy your new Theme!

* HUAWEI ID is required to download Themes


Themes with customized icons

A large gallery of themes featuring animation, celebrities, art and literature, hand drawing, and painting for you to choose from. Make your device truly yours.


Catch a glimpse of every corner of the world with our wallpaper gallery. Let’s rediscover the traditional arts, the sound of nature, and our brand new lifestyle.


Search and download from loads of fancy fonts. Make your words come to life with your favorite fonts dancing at the tip of your finger.

Customize your own theme

Give your interface an individual look with Themes. Choose from a broad variety to customize your lock screen, home screen, icons and fonts. You will love your smartphone.

United we design!

How to Create Themes

Creating Themes for HUAWEI Themes is EASY. You only need Photoshop, some designing skills and our free Theme creation tools.

There are 3 steps on the Theme creation process:
(1) Design your Theme (wallpaper, icons etc.) using our Theme Template
(2) Use our Theme Tool to combine all created assets into a Theme package.

(3) Upload your Theme package to our Themes Store via HUAWEI Developer Alliance :
And you’re done!

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