Legacy of Discord – Live the Dream!

Build the sanctuary of your dreams ! New gameplay Guardian’s Sanctuary launched at Feb 19 update.

Lighting Christmas Trees
From Christmas Day to New Years, players can turn on the lights on the Christmas tree and pick up special Christmas gifts every day when they first log in.

Decorating Christmas Trees Together
Decorate the Christmas tree and win gifts with all players in the same server by collecting Christmas items.

Crazy Cowboys
Play as a cowboy and catch special pets. Compete with other players and win special gifts

To combat the harsh environment, heroes need to get ready for the danger. The 2 new weapons, Yinyang wheel, and fury hammer are 2 very powerful artifacts forge by the unknown master in Land of Ashai. Prefer to be the agile assassin? Search for Yinyang wheel! Its Yin yang marks enable players to both deals with huge damage and control his enemy. Fury hammer, on the other hand, is for the one who is dauntless, fearless, and always the first to get in the fight. The spark created by which is not for damage the single enemy but for all of them who stand gets in the way.