Welcome to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

Home of your memory

EMUI5.X: Click Settings > Cloud, and touch Enter.

EMUI8.X: Click Settings > Account centre (TOP) > Cloud

* You need a HUAWEI ID to login and access HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.

Gallery Sync

Cherish every moment

Enable gallery data sync to securely and automatically sync your photos and videos to the cloud from any of your mobile devices. Easily to view, manage and download your photos and videos.

Cloud Backup

Automatic and secure backup solution

Your photos, contacts, calendars, notes, and other important data will be automatically and securely backed up to cloud. You can retrieve your data from Cloud at the touch of a single button.

Cloud Portal

Easy management anytime, anywhere

Log in to cloud.huawei.com with your HUAWEI ID to manage your cloud storage from any device at any time. You can view your contacts, notepad, photo, recordings and even setting preferences.

Cloud storage

Enable your HUAWEI Mobile Cloud account now to get 5 GB cloud storage for free. You can select from upgrade options to increase your Cloud storage space.

Start Cloud on your phone

Click your phone’s setting, login with your Huawei ID, Enable Cloud

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