We enjoyed more new features, more content, and more events than any year before, broke all of our previous records, welcomed 9 million new players and enjoyed fantastic support from our community. Most importantly, we laid the groundwork for greater things coming in 2019 with fundamental improvements to technology and awesome new partnerships. One of the cornerstone updates of 2018 was the new rendering engine that allowed us to gradually deliver improvements all across the board, from more detailed tracks and accurate car models to important quality-of-life upgrades such as the collection view / quick switch feature. In the coming year, we will roll out more improvements that will make Nitro Nation an even smoother experience.

• New Holiday tournaments with real prizes powered by car brands!
• Christmas Car Series events – show your rivals who is the boss on the track!
• Mystery Snow Beauty gives out Christmas gifts in Real-Time races!
• Charming UI to cheer up the festive mood!
• Special Christmas decals pack – add some holiday atmosphere to your car!
• Replenish your collection with dozens of all new cars from such brands as Audi, Nissan, Ford and others!
• We have made the best even better with various bug-fixes!

Update now and enjoy your ride!