Survival heroes Land of Ashai update is now live!

Land of Ashai, the furthest city a man can get, is also known as the city of the night. The darkest dark comes Land of Ashai, Legend says the whole city was built upon huge obsidian which absorbs most of the light there, Making the city gloomy even in the sunniest day. Be prepared for the new challenges of the night city, be smart for the new portal system, blend in weather and survive through the haze!

To combat the harsh environment, heroes need to get ready for the danger. The 2 new weapons, Yinyang wheel, and fury hammer are 2 very powerful artifacts forge by the unknown master in Land of Ashai. Prefer to be the agile assassin? Search for Yinyang wheel! Its Yin yang marks enable players to both deals with huge damage and control his enemy. Fury hammer, on the other hand, is for the one who is dauntless, fearless, and always the first to get in the fight. The spark created by which is not for damage the single enemy but for all of them who stand gets in the way.