Huawei Global Theme Design Contest

DIGIX HUAWEI Global Smartphone Theme Design Competition invites designers and art enthusiasts from all over the globe to participate this annual Theme Design contest.

The contest starts 11th of April 2019 with a Registration & Submit your work phase that goes on until 31st of May 2019. After that all submitted works are reviewed and best ones will be uploaded to Huawei Themes app where consumers all over the world can vote by downloading the themes.

Final Work judgement based on the popularity will be done in June 2019. All winners will be announced 14th of June 2019.

Contest Categories

This year’s Global Theme Design competition is divided into four separate categories, including Illustrations, Graphic design, Animations, and 3D graphics. Designers can choose to submit work into any category to compete for the prize and demonstrate their uniqueness in the specific art field.

In this world-class design competition, designers from all over the world will compete on the same stage and interpret new art with extraordinary creativity. Art design will be revitalized by those talented designers in the process of exploring the futuristic aesthetics.

Over 330,000 USD Prize pot

The contest  features several prizes with a total prize pot of 330 000 USD. Addition to the big “Global Winner Grand Prize” (10 000 USD + 10 000 USD Creative Fund) we will give out Category prizes for Illustration, Animation, 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics. And also special prizes for Stars of Tomorrow Award, Overseas Talent Award, Fan Favorite Award and prizes for all Finalists.

How to Enter

  1. Register to the Contest here
  2. Create a Design Concept your theme by using the “Hello, New Art” template and send it to us by 31st of May 2019.
  3. Create a theme package with Huawei Theme Design Tool 9.0 and send it to us via Huawei Developer.

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